TRANSMISSION: Embrace the World as It Truly Is

This will be the first of many Transmissions received using methods described in Birthright-Want It is and How  to Get Yours Back. Several readers have asked me to share these with you and it is my pleasure to do so. Now, as an added feature, these messages to all of us will be featured in the new tab labeled TRANSMISSIONS. For this Transmission and more in the future always look for the TRANSMISSIONS tab on the home page. And, as always,  I look forward to your comments. Don’t forget to visit our FACEBOOK page and leave a LIKE. Every time you do you help this information reach more and more people who are looking for it. MY MISSION IN LIFE IS TO HELP YOU FIND YOURS!

Dear Ones: If  you are not aware of the Chaotic Nodes as brought forth by the Hathor energy at, you are encouraged to do so.  Study this information and review time line merger theory as well.  Some call this concept stacking. In fact, stacking is an interesting image to embrace at this time. That which is stacked too highly will tumble both from its height and rigidity (a fallacy of stability and lack of internal integrity) as constructs attempt to remain erect. You will see this more and more in the environment’s many phase forms.

Many of you also are feeling that as your perception of time appears to speed up, so does the perception of “business” or excess, unfocused, nervous energy in your world. You are correct. The world is vibrating at a higher rate now and will continue to do so until you are complete. This condition permeates though all things as debris appears to bubble to the surface. On a global level many deceitful groups and individuals are also facing the light of truth exposing negative choices for everyone to see. Even cultures and countries are facing the same. On a more personal level, individual emotions and attitudes face exposure and will catch a person off guard. How many of you have recently experienced saying or doing something very inappropriate or out of character almost automatically, only to ask yourself “Oops. How did that happen?” These surprises are abrupt as they leave the subconscious level to be finally purged at the surface. This process is not to be feared but seen rather as a body purging a fever or illness.

Those of you who have, as we say, done the work will engage with these energies and become adept with acknowledging these conditions and then releasing them. If you are struggling, please take the time to embrace what has been presented to you, consciously acknowledge its presence in your life, thank it for the wisdom it has imparted to you—think forgiveness– and then release the energy for cosmic regeneration. Some call this Karmic cleansing or clearing. Whatever your paradigm of preference, this letting go of old patterns is what will enable you to clean your closets so to speak and make room for greater expansion and light. Wherever you exist in this world, this pattern is at play.

Empty and repair so will you expand into greater light. If there was ever a condition to stretch you and make room for greater awareness it is the Light of Cosmic Unity. As you release your old programs that no longer serve you, so are you more able to accept a lighter and expanded awareness of your entire being and surroundings. This is not limited only to your terrestrial consciousness. As you expand with this en-lighted awareness through releasing old patterns, so do you see the greater picture of the relatedness of all creation whether it be physical or nonphysical, terrestrial or cosmic, cellular or quantum levels, or merely your perceptual relationship to your fellow humans and non-terrestrial life forms.

Expect the unexpected and flow gracefully with the Winds of Change. Change is your friend, as this vessel likes to say. This spiritual maturity acquired through the courage to change creates within you a tremendous strength that is so important now. Others will come to perceive this strength emanating from you and will be attracted to you. Those who can master these changes gracefully will be catalysts for others wanting to know how to master gracefulness themselves. Be the example and not the exception. Model the behavior for the new paradigm. Show how to be, not how-not-to-be. Practice this method until it becomes second nature, your truer nature, 24 hours a day. Understand this now more than ever.

                   Your embodied masters, the Native Americans, have said it so eloquently:                                                                                       You are the ones you have been waiting for.

Remember, every day of your life is a gift. Show the world what real appreciation looks like.

We are the Emissaries of Light. We phase shift for now.




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