The Real Truth is That It is All Relative Anyway

What in the hotel does that mean? Not sure? Then by all means read on…
Your mommy told you to always tell the truth. Religions espouse their truth for all to embrace. In a court room you are sworn to tell the truth, but how can all these different truths be true when there are so many different versions? Good question so let’s take a closer look at this enigmatic term.
Truth in its purest sense is a relative term. It is not cast in stone as we are often lead to believe. This includes everything from pyramids to paper books, too. Groups large and small have their truths but what about us, the individuals? All truth really means is you have your truth which is a personal reality of how your world works for you; and why the lady down the street has hers, which may or may not be exactly like yours. Interestingly, few of us have realized that this personal truth business can be a very handy tool. When used efficiently it becomes an awesome rudder to guide your life’s sail boat through some incredibly murky waters. This truth business is not a mental concoction but actually heart-bound. This means that understanding might requires some form of translation for most of us. Why? Because we spend so little time in this delightful little heart space that we do not even speak the native language. We consider our heart land as a foreign country.
More Truth headed your way. Look for Applied Truth–Why Not

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