Review from Dan Shafer

Read my latest review from author Dan Shafer, whose latest book The Power of I AM is an astounding hit:

Jane Fleming has written a remarkable book here, one that is most certainly quite unlike anything else you have ever read. It is at once an autobiography, a multi-dimensional whirlpool of Truth, and a guidebook to the process of inspired, guided writing that she has come to know as Transmissions. Through stories from her life, accounts of interactions with others in her human circle, and engagement with the Emissaries, Ms. Fleming teaches poignant lessons and shares numerous insights of tremendous value. The book contains a bounty of profound gems. Any reader will definitely come away more knowledgeable and aware of their unique voice and the Truth it contains.

Read more about Dan Shafer and his latest book The Power of I AM–Changing your inherent power to consciously create a life of purpose, power, and joy. Find more about his book at

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