How to Be Your Own News Reporter

The global community is fuming. Crowds in nations throughout the world take to the streets, clamor to be heard, demanding the most basic rights. News outlets tell us also how nearby regions appear emotionally connected as events in one country directly affect neighboring areas. Fear beams from all information outlets. Interesting how these massive events act as though contagiously connected.
Now switch perspectives and look at your own little universe. Does chaos abound here as well? Likely it does but it is what you do with your personal chaos that matters. Are you objectively observing disruptions around you or are you giving them life with emotions and focus? If your problems have a life of their own then you are giving these issues more than they deserve. Try some mental Aikido moves and instead of allowing things to overtake you (read: overwhelm) greet the issue, deal with it, then let it slide on past you with the same force it came at you. Take a deep breath—deal with things—release your breath and the emotions with the same invigorated force. Each step is important, unless of course, you are not good at letting go of what no longer serves you.
Become your own news agency and report on chaos brewing in your area. Are your emotions affecting you or surrounding areas of your life?

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