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This book is a story, the tale of a journey. You will witness a burgeoning seed reaching toward maturity. It is a story of knowingness, but not yet knowing the knowledge. It is about traversing a path that is sometimes gentle and at other times rough and rocky, replete with every mountain, valley, river to cross, and requisite dragon to slay. This is a story about personal growth, spiritual maturity and above all, love and trust. In the grander scheme, this could be a story much like your own. We all have them, you know.

At least by appearances, I consider myself a fairly normal person dwelling among other relatively normal persons on this planet. I was once a child; I grew up, went to school, got married, had children, subsequently divorced, sought employment, and attempted to build a life in the post-divorce years of my late middle-age. I have laughed, cried, risked, won, loved, been loved in return, and even somewhat matured (I think); and yet I still argue vehemently at times with my inner child, that acerbic little redhead.

Again, all this is not too unusual or too far a cry from the lifetimes of those around me. Nevertheless, there is a difference. Most people reading these pages may feel that I possess a rare ability, and herein is the unusual part. To define this ability is difficult, yet suffice it to say that I am able to transcribe thought from, well, certainly some other realm that is non-physical in nature. Call it my higher self, another frequency, another reality, aliens, angels, or even some sort of supreme being. Call it whatever you like. A label or a name in this case is of lesser concern and only creates separation with an ensuing debate on relative terminology, which is not the point here. As you read this story it will be up to you as an individual to define these minds or energies as you wish or to simply see them as another aspect of my inner self that shares thoughts with me. Beyond definition and explanation, the relevant and greater theme is that this writing ability is a gift and it is your gift too. In reality, it is everyone’s gift.

To give some insight and understanding, I have chosen to call this gift Transmissions. In me, of all people, it is a developed talent that others who are less proficient may see as remarkable. However, it is not specific only to me. In fact, it is something in which we can all share.

The ability to open ourselves to this type of communication is indeed a gift, and it is a gift that everyone possesses. It is the birthright of all humanity! So, why doesn’t everyone have this skill at their fingertips? Simply, it is because we have learned to forget the process. While this communication ability is within all of us, very few by comparison can easily produce results because over time this gift has been methodically removed from our consciousness— but now you have found help. Think of Birthright as a personal treasure map showing exactly where to go and reclaim what is rightfully yours. Read the stories, solve the riddles, follow the clues, and integrate their lessons. You too can and will discover how to recover your own lost treasure, this stolen birthright of inner knowledge that is uniquely written by you.

Do you know the authentic you; the real you? Many people do not and even wonder why they should care. Knowing who you are, understanding the deeper components of the real you, can actually make your life simpler. With information found in the Transmissions you can begin to truly embrace the feeling of being in the world but not of it. You can become a deeper, wiser, funnier, easier-to-get-along-with person. Life can become fearless through
discovering trust; especially trust in who you truly are. Life becomes more joyful through strengthening an unshakable belief in your authentic self. Life is less complex and less stressful when you are able to understand more of the world’s mysterious workings and your place in them. As is often discussed in the Transmissions, knowing the real you is a path to greater wholeness that leads to greater consciousness. This is ever so important, because without an evolving and expanding consciousness, we are unable to fully integrate and understand what we experience in our lives. When our experiences make sense to us, our lives are more balanced and complete, and in turn have a direct impact on our world and those in it.

The information from this intuitive form of writing, these Transmissions, will help you understand and enjoy the life you are living right now. And the best part is that all this is free and painless because this birthright of ours is an ability that already resides within each and every person. We’ve been told for millennia that we are unable to access our own guidance or manage our own destiny. We have been encouraged to seek answers outside ourselves, and in doing so, we effectively have given someone else the power to determine our own reality. The good news is that this process of abdicating personal power is currently breaking down and will continue to do so for quite some time. Now we can successfully seek answers from within. It is time, with the help of Transmissions, to turn this powerful switch back to its full, upright, and engaged position.

As with life, there is a learning curve to proficiency with Transmissions, and that curve is called practice. With this intuitive practice you become more competent as a receiver, as these experiences will enable you to grow into greater self-knowledge and wisdom. Although life is essentially a series of choices and their resulting outcomes, the application of practice, experience, and wisdom is a nice little way of looking at our unique journey called life with a bit more refinement. There is much that takes place between these benchmarks, and the Transmissions help to interpret the signs that will show you how your own personal evolution is indeed occurring.

This book—my story—is the journey of how I have used the Transmissions I have received. Their vital personal information has helped me create a better life for myself, the one that I am enjoying today. It is my hope that you will use my story as a guide to make your own discoveries. And indeed, I also hope you do not make the same transgressions and mistakes that I did.

Learn from my mistakes and you will be way ahead of the game. I only wish for you
to begin seeing your experiences objectively, both good and bad. Life has provided
these learning modules as merely opportunities to experience lessons and does not intend them as a form of punishment. With any luck you will learn faster than I did. Use this book as a map for your own journey and experience. Remember too that along the way, growth is a good thing and change is your friend. As my Transmission co-authors would say:

Dear Ones, this book is a gift to you, yet the real gift
is your own awakening to this ability because, Dear
Ones, it already resides within you.


Well, there’s no way out now. Jane has it from apparently good sources that Transmissions are indeed a gift, so choose it or lose it. Not surprisingly, our heroine is overwhelmed in her early attempts to follow this discarnate Transmission advice, as the soft, gentle words continue to effortlessly flow from her fingertips. Silent frustrations brew as she questions every comforting response from her thought-voices, much like the calm parent soothing the screaming child. Only in this case she herself is the screaming child.

• Jane confronts the fact she has an unusual ability.
• She tries valiantly to talk herself out of this realization as
the information continues without missing a beat.
• The Transmissions respond with consistent, positive input,
while always challenging her to reconsider situations from
various perspectives.
• This short chapter fades with her yammering on with weak
rhetorical whining, none of which adequately addresses her
only real question of why me?

I would ask sometimes,

Why Transmissions? Why not something else?And, why me of all people?

Dear One, because this is your gift.

Oh, GREAT. Writer’s block right out of the chute. What if I can’t get started? I don’t know anything about writing; let alone how to tackle a whole book. Worst of all, what if no one
wants to keep reading after the first page? Then what? No, no. I can’t let fear get me before I even start. When am I ever going to get beyond that one? All this talk about evolution of the soul, the Universe, and all creation at this time. So what? I feel hopelessly
locked in a roomful of doors, trapped in a quagmire of my own supposed creation. Maybe I just deserve it. No, no. I won’t go there either. So, if I know where not to go, how will I ever figure out where to go in this world of duality, split brains, and multiple personalities? Maybe there is someplace to hide and ride out this cosmic storm until things blow over.

Dear One, listen. Stop and listen. Close the eyes and
listen. When you hear nothing at all, then your
answers will come. Maybe even when you least expect
them. Try this and see what becomes of it. We will
phase shift for now.

Uh, what was that?

This wasn’t the first time this has happened in my life and it would soon be clear that it would not be the last either.

Chapter One – The Gift
This encounter was long ago. In fact, by this time I should have even been used to all this, but I was not. I still am not. These instances, which I call Transmissions, are like silent voices that always have the right answer, and have been popping in for years. Dealing with receiving intuitive information should make anyone feel special, I suppose. Hey, world, I’ve got something cool over here, and it might even help you be a better person, too. But, no, not me. Instead of embracing this skill, I ran from it. It made me feel different. Even as an adult, the simple act of trusting enough to say to the world—or to just about anyone for that matter, Hey, look at me. I am writing a book on Transmissions from my higher consciousness, intuitive writing inspired from realms beyond human realities,
was just plain scary.

I suppose coming out of the writer’s closet is as difficult as coming out of any other closet, particularly with such a unique sort of writing. Just open the door, part of me says. Of course, the other part of me screams the opposite. Forget this duality plane and its
binary bologna. Whose idea was this anyway?

Dear One, it appears that you are off to a good start.
These are questions with no apparent answers. And
how do you propose to solve these riddles? From our
perspective, you will answer these questions—and
valiantly so, we might add—but you cannot do so
without the work that is required to overcome your
so-called design flaw in this plane of existence. We
like that one, design flaw. It has a bit of wry wit to
it. Yes, we like that one. Keep it up.

These instances, which I call Transmissions, are like silent voices that always have the right answer, and have been popping in for years. See what I mean? What in the world am I doing? Some say they are in contact with Cleopatra, Da Vinci, or little green people. Me? I get a comedian. I am sitting here conversing not with another person in the room or with voices in my head. Oh no! I only get thoughts that come into my mind as dialog with another possible part of my consciousness or maybe something completely different. Who knows? Not me at this point. Yet for some reason, I remain open.

This part, the dialog, comes pretty easily. I can just sit still, and the thoughts are right there, feeling like a good friend who stopped by for a little chat. However, reconciling this with my left brain (you know, that little bean-counting taskmaster that keeps me from falling off the edge of rationality into some puddle of cosmic woowoo) is not as easy because my left brain does not see things the same as its right brain counterpart. I’m not drowning in this stuff, these Transmissions. Oh, no. Apparently I free-dive down farther and farther with each encounter. Yet, no matter how far I go into this Neptunian fog, I am still always able to bob back up to consciousness and report the news. Great! Another marketable skill. I’ll remind my secretary to put this on my résumé. Well, maybe with a nice little paradigm shift and some dusting off, I’ll get nothing less than a good attitude adjustment out of these soundless conversations and then possibly some answers. But where is the off/on switch anyway? I know it’s here somewhere. Aw geez, another question. And so it goes. Talent? A gift? A creative pastime? These questions were only the tip of an iceberg’s journey into a land I could never have dreamed of on my own.

Take a Transmission, Dear One, Would You Please?

Transmissions, for this discussion, are simply thoughts that come through the airwaves as a communication. Simple enough, I felt. However, a different definition will be used here: Transmissions are an under-used form of communication between me/you, the receiver, and other parts of our deeper self. Likely these are parts you have rarely or ever touched. Why all the mystery? Because in reality, all of us have this skill yet we have been convinced through various societal agencies and belief systems, such as culture, religion, politics, or family, that we in fact do not possess this ability. This explains why you and the neighbor down the street do not know much about writing Transmissions.

We have been systematically taught to forget this marvelous talent.
We have learned to forget our real heritage and purpose as human beings on the face of the Earth at this time. So often we see spirituality questioned and not religion; the basic difference between the two is that a spiritual focus is an intrinsic or inner-life directive and religion is an external focus, or an outer directive. So, if an inner system can answer your questions and guide you effectively, then where does that leave a larger outer mechanism vying for the same rights to your inner knowing? Perhaps it is time to refocus and include trust and discernment as additional inner guidance systems within us and not be so fast to defer our choices to outside sources. In other words, seeking answers from within is a way to broaden one’s options and choices in life while not necessarily disregarding one’s culture or upbringing.

We have learned to forget our real heritage and purpose as human
beings on the face of the Earth at this time.

Transmissions are a way to access our inner, authentic selves, acting as a pathway to personal knowledge, even leading to a greater wisdom and strength. Having this ability is our birthright. It is a bonus. It is a tool that we are gifted with at birth which enables us to navigate our world with greater ease and understanding. As we discover our own wisdom and knowledge, it helps free us from the need to look automatically for truth and meaning
outside of ourselves. In reality we are not helpless and we are not victims. We can figure out our own life questions and directions ourselves. With practice we can feel less dependent upon external advice from other large groups that we have depended upon for so long. As we rethink these previous beliefs, we regain the freedom to set our own moral compass instead. What a concept! We are born with this ability; every one of us has it. Just like art or music, it is another form of expression and communication which emanates from the same place, our deepest self that constantly flows with a greater consciousness.

Through the ages we have been led to believe that others can lead us better and more effectively than we can manage ourselves. We see our world collapsing around us as if we just noticed the train wreck at our feet. This is because as we have gradually given our personal power over to others, we have also relinquished this skill of trusting our personal access to self-knowledge and selfdirection. Again, when we see the train wreck at our feet, we only recognize this disaster as the norm rather than the abnormal. Our busy lives keep us distracted, and with those distractions we will often agree to conditions that may not be our first choice, but appear all right for the moment. It is as if we are saying, Well, this isn’t really what I want, but it is okay for now, and someday I’ll get back to get what I really need. Now, as time passes, there is a cumulative effect that eventually leaves us feeling constrained, not right. We have given up some of our power and this tightening is what it can feel like. For the sake of expediency, we have lost sight of our direction in life. Again, the operative words are sight and direction. We have gotten off track. We gradually become unhappy, angry, or feel unfulfilled. We have followed the rules but these are often the rules of others: the laws and conditions that serve the agendas of others, and the benefits of which may not always include our own. Understand that working for the greater whole is not giving up one’s power if it is for the higher good, that is, a higher standard. In this way, Transmissions are a way to discover one’s own personal divinity and higher standard, as well as our own personal way to express that divinity here on Earth. Transmissions are a marvelous way to understand and practice a more expansive consciousness that takes us from a me-only perspective to a larger we perspective, a way to realize that we are uniquely sovereign expressions of a greater whole. Transmissions have several forms, many of which will be illustrated throughout these pages. Still, the overriding template is simple: sit, quiet the mind, open the heart, and write. Often, the voice or tone of one’s writing is objectified to create a form of conversation, as if the receiver is directly speaking with another consciousness. This has proven to be the best way for many to start, yet as with writing, authorship, or even meditation, everyone will ultimately find their own style. And that is the beauty of this method: when the heart and intention are pure, an insightful and productive result will follow. What I share with you is how my journey unfolded and how a system evolved within that process that is simple, easy, fun, revealing, and awe inspiring. Enjoy the journey.

It is your life to explore.

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