The Real Truth is That is All Relative Anyway, Part 2

Just a brief comment on the previous blog, The Real Truth is That It is All Relative Anyway. When used efficiently it (one’s personal truth) becomes an awesome rudder to guide your life’s sail boat through some incredibly murky waters. The operative words here are personal truth and rudder. The reason they are so important is that this personal truth stuff is what we are really made of. It is our guidance system, that if we can ever dig around long enough in the depths of our consciousness, we will find our personalized navigation system, dust it off and fire it up. we created it way back when but lost our truth navigator down there somewhere in the basement of our true selves. when we can bring our personal truth back up into the light of day we can see that its blinking light was there all the time to guide us through our lives. And what this little contraption look like when it reaches the surface of our consciousness? Most appear as our values, morals, and ethics, loosely rolled together as ones personal integrity. We think of integrity as always knowing the right thing to do and making the right choices from that knowledge. Not always easy but not all that hard either if that is what you base your life upon, if you let your inner truth be your guide.
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