Applied Truth

Practical application is everything. This is the where experience and knowledge are put to the test. Doesn’t matter if it’s the practical application of window putty or the Golden Rule it all comes down to knowledge is a great thing but can become somewhat worthless unless practically applied to something useful. If a person has done the work, so to speak, that is has mastered the more intricate lessons in life, that means they have met head-on the lessons presented in their life experience. Mastered? Well, perhaps. For most of us it takes more than one whack at this process to attain mastery. But remember, mastery is not a contest; it is not a race to the finish line but only a race to finish in whatever time it takes. So when you discover what drives you, what makes you tick, what your internal compass or personal navigation tells you and proceeds to point the way, honor it. HONOR IT. Congratulate yourself that you even firggin’ found it and can understand the importance of its power. Yes indeed, this is power. Your Truth is your power–your freedom. You will know it when you find it because it will ring so deeply within you and will feel so right that you will have no choice but to notice its significance. Oh, yes, and that part about your Truth’s application…Well, you will always know what your Truth’s application will be because it will be the fundamental way that you conduct your life, from that higher plane of choice, integrity, and responsibility.
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