About the Book

It is your right, your BIRTHRIGHT, to know your own answers to life’s questions.


BIRTHRIGHT is the story of one person, Jane, who through writing discovers a technique that is actually like a silent voice writing through her. Over the years she creates a system to directly access this voice, her deepest knowledge and wisdom, and now you can too. Follow her through countless personal growth challenges: the fears, the angers and frustrations, issues surrounding trust, wanting to but continually being unable to fully believe in herself—all this and so much more that anyone can relate to in our modern world. What got her through? Discovering and utilizing her own BIRTHRIGHT, the voice of her innate inner guidance and wisdom, through an easy-to-learn system that is simply remarkable. What is really involved, you may ask?

Read BIRTHRIGHT to discover your own questions in life, understand at higher levels pressing and repeatable issues, and embrace information that is right for you. What is so unique about the BIRTHRIGHT process is that these answers are yours and not from someone or somewhere outside of you. Dare to take this journey inside for your very own answers. From the mundane to the profound, you could just find more than you ever dreamed possible.

Get to know a deeper, wiser you. Learn to access your guidance anytime. Understand from a higher, objective level. Discover the real, authentic you. It is easy, fun, and never a dull moment.

Not all books start the same way and BIRTHRIGHT is no exception. Imagine how one day you life mentor, not merely suggests to you, but announces that you two are going to write a book together with information gathered through a technique called Transmissions. That’s nice, you might think, until you realize that this mentor of yours is actually invisible and communicates with you telepathically with the aid of pen and paper. This alone can adjust anyone’s willingness to just jump right into a project proposal. My co-authors, as I have come to refer to these dedicated intelligences, patiently stood my me as they caressed and cajoled my frail pride, ego, and lack of passion to step up to their task. In spite of these obstacles, I was able to discover my authentic self, that truest part of me, through the Transmissions. As the information began to pour through, I understand how sharing my journey with this Transmission skill was what I was supposed to be doing in life. Did the realization of a determined life purpose happen all at once? No, full assimilation took time. Acceptance of the information’s meaning came slowly because I had much to learn and integrate along the way. However, it all has worked out, though not exactly in the time frame I would have predicted, but in an astonishing timing that was far greater than I could have ever dreamed of on my own.

I know that you will enjoy reading BIRTHRIGHT. There is truly something in there for everyone.