Welcome!  I’m author Jane Fleming and this web site is the home of my new book . This original book will give you a system on how to access your inner voice…the voice of your innate guidance and wisdom..the voice of your higher self.

We are used to seeking guidance outside of ourselves. There are many classes, workshops, books and lectures to choose from. The method you will learn in this book will teach you how to access your own personal best teacher in the world…YOURSELF!

You can go ahead and read the introduction and first chapter of the book right here on the site. I will be writing regularly on this site about the ideas and concepts of the book and giving practical advice on how you can access your inner voice so come back often. You can get updates easily through signing up for my occasional mailings or “liking” me using the Facebook button on the right.

It is a tremendous honor to share these experiences with you and to assist you in any way possible. Feel free to write to me with comments, reviews or anything else you wish to share.

To know the true self is to know your truest purpose.

Jane Fleming


Here are some recent posts from my blog:

Manifesting Affirmation--Excellent!!

Below is an affirmation by an exceptional person who lives locally and acts globally. Sheila Gale is an example to us all. Read how to connect with her below and her powerful affirmation. Sheila is very high quality radio. Don't miss out. Jane Manifesting Affirmation By Sheila Gale The Universe gives back, easily, quickly, and abundantly, and here's how. "What will it take for me to [more]

TRANSMISSION: Embrace the World as It Truly Is

This will be the first of many Transmissions received using methods described in Birthright-Want It is and How  to Get Yours Back. Several readers have asked me to share these with you and it is my pleasure to do so. Now, as an added feature, these messages to all of us will be featured in the new tab labeled TRANSMISSIONS. For this Transmission and more in the future always look for the [more]

Review from Dan Shafer

Read my latest review from author Dan Shafer, whose latest book The Power of I AM is an astounding hit: Jane Fleming has written a remarkable book here, one that is most certainly quite unlike anything else you have ever read. It is at once an autobiography, a multi-dimensional whirlpool of Truth, and a guidebook to the process of inspired, guided writing that she has come to know as [more]

Applied Truth

Practical application is everything. This is the where experience and knowledge are put to the test. Doesn't matter if it's the practical application of window putty or the Golden Rule it all comes down to knowledge is a great thing but can become somewhat worthless unless practically applied to something useful. If a person has done the work, so to speak, that is has mastered the more [more]

The Real Truth is That is All Relative Anyway, Part 2

Just a brief comment on the previous blog, The Real Truth is That It is All Relative Anyway. When used efficiently it (one's personal truth) becomes an awesome rudder to guide your life’s sail boat through some incredibly murky waters. The operative words here are personal truth and rudder. The reason they are so important is that this personal truth stuff is what we are really made of. It [more]

The Real Truth is That It is All Relative Anyway

What in the hotel does that mean? Not sure? Then by all means read on… Your mommy told you to always tell the truth. Religions espouse their truth for all to embrace. In a court room you are sworn to tell the truth, but how can all these different truths be true when there are so many different versions? Good question so let's take a closer look at this enigmatic term. [more]